Hello, I am Chris and I am a financial consultant. I have been working in a reputable bank for more than 10 years and I have also helped people who are financially in debt. Indeed, having debts creates a headache and stress. But as you look deeper, this is just the beginning of solving your financial craze of overspending on things that are not necessary.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Personal Injury Solicitor For Your Case

We’ve all seen the adverts, haven’t we? It seems like every week there are more and more solicitors and law firms specialising in personal injury cases, doesn’t it? But while you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a solicitor that comes with its own set of problems. Having plenty of options is […]

November 6, 2017

Moving-house hacks from organised people!

If you’ve moving house soon you might be dreading that day or two of packing, moving, losing things, flimsy boxes and misplaced keys. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your new home is going to be – there’s a reason moving house is at the top of many people’s ‘most dreaded tasks’ list. With that in […]

November 6, 2017

The Beginners Guide to Buying Gold as an Investment

Buying gold as an investment can seem like an attractive proposition to many, and for the most part, it can be very rewarding if carried out in a right way. However, you shouldn’t spend all your money on jewelry just yet, as there is more to consider than just the aesthetic quality. Despite what you […]

August 21, 2017